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How can I support you?

Website Developer

Could your existing website need some optimizations or bug fixes? Or do you have a new project idea that needs to reach the world?

IT Support

Having issues with your computer/device? I can help you on site, but also remotely by accessing your computer with a software.

Revive old Computers

Do you have an old computer that still works but you can’t update software any more? There is a way to add some years to its lifetime!

Open ears for collaborations

Planning something beautiful that I can support you with?

Website Developer

Being active as a web developer since 2004 (both employed and self-employed), I have collected a vast array of experiences.

My core strength is to make websites function and feel good on all sorts of devices (user-friendly), and to set up WordPress in a way that you have the easiest life possible when you start managing the content.

I enjoy structuring content into digestible chunks of information that can be read by humans and found by search engines.

Designing clean and minimalist websites (like this one) is certainly in my comfort zone.

If you imagine to have a more arts-y design but still want to collaborate with me, then I’m happy to pull in some skilled web designers that will take on that task.

Have a look at my growing website portfolio.

The beauty of having an own website

Having an own website is the most accessible way of putting your idea, your vision or your offer out into the Universe:

No one needs to register and you can choose where you want to host your data and what services you implement.

Here’s what I can support you with:

Looking for a reliable Swiss Web Hosting?

Switzerland-based servers that run on 100% renewable energy

Creating New (Multi-Lingual) Websites

For my websites I choose to use the free and open-source WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It has a large community of developers and is constantly being maintained and improved.

The process

Having a website created by ekesto means:

  1. I prepare everything technical and visual (including the provided texts and images).
  2. Once the website is done, I will provide instruction material (video tutorials) and you then (optionally) take over the maintenance of the website’s content, without having to worry about design.

A note on design

As described in the web developer section, you ideally approach me when your brand identity (logo, typography and colour palette) and the content (texts and images) for the website are ready.

Should you struggle to get to this point, reach out to me and I can guide you to skilled designers.

Ready for development

Once I receive your digital branding I turn it into a clickable and dynamic experience called a website.

The most essential features for a successful website are taken care of in the development process:

Details about out my conditions.

Do you feel resonance?

Let’s start a conversation on how I can help you manifesting your vision.

Supporting an Existing Website

Maybe you created a website yourself, but you’re not quite happy with it or you’re stuck?

Or someone else did, but doesn’t have the capacity any more?

What ever the reason:

I am here to help.

With my versatile experience as a web developer I am able to find solutions for most problems or questions you might have regarding your existing website.

It doesn’t matter on which platform your website runs: WIX, Squarespace, WordPress.com, a self-hosted WordPress site, you name it.

I’m a solution finder. Usually within minutes.

Here’s what I can help you with (just to name a few):

  • Advice and support on how you can create a visually more consistent experience
  • Design optimizations
  • Performance optimizations
  • Improve user-experience
  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) advice
  • Content structure optimizations
  • Extending the functionality
  • Make website multi-lingual (WordPress)
  • Newsletter integration
  • E-Mail related questions and issues
  • Moving your website to another hosting provider
  • Clarification on backup tools

Details about out my conditions.

Small optimizations can have a big impact!

Get a free analysis of your website-related issue or wish.

IT Support

Computers and their software can be amazingly helpful, but at times also pretty annoying and frustrating.

Especially when this digital and abstract world is not really yours.

Well: I’m here to help!

Having grown up with screens in front of my nose I have cultivated a broad understanding of how computers work and how they interact with software.

So if you’re stuck with an issue, don’t hesitate to call for help.

What could take you hours to figure out, can potentially be solved in 5 minutes.

Remote support

Unless you’re nearby, we will use a little program with which you can allow me to see your screen, and to take over control of your mouse and keyboard. Basically as if I was sitting on your chair.

Details about out my conditions.

Don’t let frustration take over.

Send me a message and let’s make an appointment.

Revive old Computers

Computers as old as 15 years can still function with the right operating system (OS) running it.

In my article about Zorin OS I go more into detail about it.

What I can offer you

Let me remove the existing OS (most likely Windows or macOS) from your old laptop or computer and install the Light Version (free and open-source) that they offer.

The user interface will feel familiar, and it has access to all the software one needs in daily life (internet browser, email client, office alternative, Spotify, Telegram, you name it).

If you’re into IT, I’m sure you will figure out how to install it. But if not, let me know and I can help you out!

Details about out my conditions.

Wanna join the “reducing e-waste” tribe?

Glad to have you on board!