Music Projects

Where I currently add my musical vibes.

First proof of collaboration after a rehearsal in April 2024.

Alissia Milena (Band)

Since spring 2024

The talented Bernese musician and singer Alissia Milena started recording her second album “Gaya” in 2023.

When Alissia told me – after co-creating a singing circle where I played the bass – that she’s looking for a bass player, my ears opened up widely.

Meanwhile it turns out that I will also be playing the guitar, harmonium and adding some backing vocals.

We’re busy recording her songs for the album that is planned to be released towards autumn 2024, followed by a release concert and applying for concerts in 2025.

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«Inspiration» Singing Circles

Since late 2022

Six musicians and singers who connected with the power and the magic of playing music in community, living together and singing in unison.

Formed in late 2022, we ever since offer singing circles that keep touching and connecting us deeply.

Nowadays – a little spread out geographically – we still share our joy and passion for creating singing spaces – both Switzerland-wide and beyond borders.