You have a voice,
and it wants to be heard!


With this vision in mind, I began offering relaxed and playful sing circles in 2019. Each and every one of them uniquely beautiful, fun and magic. Joined by people from all walks of life, celebrating the joy of singing.

Imagine an hour of sitting down and vibrating together. Calming down our nervous systems. Diving into melodies and harmonies – entering and celebrating the here and now.

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My constantly growing and evolving repertoire of easy-to-learn songs derive from various cultures. Each song has its own quality, energy and positive message that we can tap into. For me personally, the fact that we sing is more important than what we sing (while combining these two is even more powerful).

Many magical hidden doors opened up on this journey. I musically accompanied yoga retreats (mantra singing, Shavasana music), and played at gatherings. Furthermore, I created own events and brought music into many small and large communities.

See an opportunity to invite me into a space? Get in touch with me!

All I need is a comfy space to get together (living room, yoga studio, fire place,…). And my guitar. Together we will carry you into a safe and relaxed atmosphere for you to explore and express your voice. Simple as that.


Music’s connecting people

The connecting, transforming and healing power of music (especially when shared) have always captivated and touched me. Exploring a decent number of instruments throughout my life, I found myself most drawn to rhythm. Later in life I translated this passion to the guitar and now to the piano as well.

Singing, on the other hand, was a bit of a tricky thing for me. For many years. You know, “leaving the singing up to professionals, because I’m not good enough”-way of thinking.

Thanks to mantra singing I found the space I needed to reconnect with my voice. The next milestone was “conscious karaoke therapy”. Singing in front of others without a single drop of alcohol. It took quite some courage, but this lead me to finally accept my very own unique instrument – my voice.

A lot has changed ever since. And guess what: I now create spaces for people to (re) connect with their voices!

Life’s a give and receive 🙏🎶