How about a collaboration?

Project Musician

A flexible multi-instrumentalist with years of band experience (see current projects).

Music Teacher

Supporting people in their beginnings or if they need an input to progress.

Singing Circles

Offering relaxed and playful sing circles for people to express their voices.

Open ears for collaborations

Planning something beautiful that I can support you with?

  • Music, in its many forms, is one of the most essential pillars of my life – from an early age. Something that wants and needs to be nourished, expressed and shared with the world.

    From my teenage days until the late twenties I always played in band projects as a guitarist. This included a Swiss-wide unplugged trio project where I took over the management – besides being a part of it.

    Instead of becoming an expert on a single instrument, though, I mainly unconsciously worked on my feeling for music.

    This beautiful evolution has led me to a place where, for example, I can comfortably sit down with a group of strangers and co-create a sound journey – without planning anything – switching between rhythm guitar, ukulele, piano, harmonium, percussion instruments, vocals, … Simply letting music do the talking.

    With this background, my musical offerings can be roughly divided as followed:


    Update: List of current music projects.

    Are you looking for a project musician?

    This could be:

    • Band Project: Long or short term
    • Sing Circle: As a (co) facilitator
    • Sound Journey: Ceremonies. Retreats

    Instruments I play:

    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Harmonium
    • Percussion
    • Piano (average)
    • Vocals

    Open ears for short and long term projects.

    Let’s connect and see where it goes!

    Music Teacher

    Would you like to get started, or do you already have experience and would like to progress on your instrument?

    Here’s what I can share:

    • Guitar (Chords, Rhythm)
    • Piano (Basic Skills)
    • Harmonium (Basic Skills)

    The focus lays on practical skills, and if necessary I can share some basic music theory if that supports the process.

    The extra bonus

    If you come to my music room I can provide a band-like experience by using the loop station (connected to drums, guitars, bass and piano).

    This way you are basically becoming a part of a band, which allows you to play your instrument in the most playful and magic way possible: Playing with others!

    You can even jam on top of your own loop recording – on the spot.

    Learning should be fun!

    Details about out my conditions.

    I love to see people progress on their instrument!

    Tell me where you’re at, and where you wish to go. It might be a match!

    Singing Circle Facilitator

    Update 30.6.23: We offer monthly singing events near Bern with «Inspiration» Singing Circles.

    You have a voice,
    and it wants to be heard!

    ~ ekesto

    There’s an immense power and sense of connection when a group of people sits down and share their unique instruments. Their voices.

    My organically growing repertoire of easy-to-learn songs derive from various cultures. Each song has its own quality, energy and positive message that we can tap into.

    Curious to what group energies this can build up?

    Check out the following snippets. Trust me, they’re raw 🙂 Most voices you will hear encountered the guided songs for the very first time.

    This audio journey brings us to different places and countries: Yoga studios, communities, seminar places.. Varying audio quality.

    Hit play and travel with me 👣 🎶

    Updated 13.5.2022

    Details about out my conditions.

    See an opportunity to invite me into a space?

    All I need is a comfy space to get together.

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