Let’s talk about energy!

On Skill-Exchange and Sliding Scale

What ever we do requires time and energy.

And this time and energy has value.

But this value doesn’t always need to be financial.


Maybe you can offer something in return?

Sometimes it’s a match!

I throw in some hours of work for you, and you throw in some hours of work for me.

Simple as that.

It’s an energy game.

Sliding Scale

Depending on the project and the skill asked for, I can offer a sliding scale.

That means that I provide a price range based on the amount of hours that I will invest for you, and you choose what you can give based on your financial resources.

A combination of the approaches above is also possible.

Let money not be an obstacle!

Let’s connect and see where our needs and resources can meet.

How can I support you?


Project musician (concerts, improvisation, sound journeys, accompanying workshops, ceremonies, …), singing circle facilitator and music teacher (guitar and piano fundamentals).

ekesto website support

Website & IT Support

Get a free analysis of your existing website, or get in touch if you need someone that helps you manifesting your new web project idea. Besides that, I also offer general (remote) IT Support.

Vegan Cook

Organisation and preparation of organic and vegan food for (yoga) retreats, seminars and events. All I need is a kitchen.