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Are you looking for a cook for your event, course or retreat? Someone that makes sure everyone is well-nourished and taste buds are satisfied?


I’m on my way of becoming a vegan nutritionist, with the aim of supporting people on their individual journey of eating more plants.


A handful of recipes and concept that I’ve been asked for many times.

Open ears for collaborations

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Book a Vegan Cook

  • Since 2021 I am cooking for events, courses and retreats – on demand. First come, first serve.

    On this journey I was and am fortunate to collaborate with beautiful souls (read testimonials) that create inspiring spaces that somehow connect humans more with themselves.

    Let me share some of my most essential kitchen values:

    • Exclusively working with plants – no animal derived products
    • Keep it as local, seasonal, organic and whole-food as possible
    • Use whole-food fats whenever possible (if I use isolated oil, I opt for olive oil)
    • Deeply in love with baking sourdough breads

    Beat’s cuisine

    The inspiration of my dishes can have their roots in my travels, a video or at a friend’s place. Anywhere, really.

    My food antennae are always on reception-mode for new concepts and flavours.

    I would therefore consider myself an international cook.

    Be surprised.

    All I need…

    …is a functioning kitchen, the number of participants and potential food allergies/intolerances.

    And the rest I will take care of, so you can focus on what you are best at.

    Details about out my conditions.

    Do you feel resonance?

    Let’s start a conversation on how I can help you manifesting your vision.

    What collaborators say about working with me

    Vegan Nutritionist in training

    I’m becoming a vegan nutritionist.

    A service that will potentially allow me to support you on your journey of eating (more) plants.

    And the gained knowledge will organically melt into my cooking projects. Stay tuned!

    I am attending the vegan nutritionist training at ecodemy!