You asked. I listened.

Dinner buffet at a Yoga Retreat

Warm welcome to my little playground where I will be sharing some vegan recipes and cooking inputs/insights that some of you have asked for.

A small but potentially growing recipe selection I created in my recent years as a passionate vegan cook.

Exploring and sharing the plant-exclusive cuisine has developed into one of my most meaningful missions in life. One that I’m officially offering.

Farewell Sing Circle at Schweibenalp (2021)

Another essential pillar of my very existence is my connection to music. A lifelong passion that finally has received the attention it deserves.

Are you looking for a multi-instrumentalist for a project?

Or would you like to (co) create a multi-cultural sing circle?

Or maybe you would like to learn some basic instrument skills (guitar/piano/harmonium)?

Drop me a line and let me know how I can contribute or support.