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Eliana Burki

The revolutionary Swiss alpine horn player

For her new show ARCADIA, Eliana needed a platform to keep her fans updated while being on the road. She now can quickly add news, concerts, music- and video-links by herself, thanks to a fully customized Wordpress installation.

The integrated newsletter also gives fans the opportunity to quickly sign up, sit back and wait for the news to arrive.

The main challenge of the given design concept certainly was making the full size background image work and look good on various devices. Mission accomplished.

Design-Concept: Tabea Hüberli (T13)

Development: ekesto

CMS: Wordpress

Project-Launch: October 2015

Croci Maspoli

Passionate freelance photographer

Let the photos do the talking. With this idea in mind we worked out a very light grayscale design concept that would give way to colourful pictures.

A great photographer deserves best quality images, but smartphone users with mobile data might disagree in terms of download time. So we implemented a technology that let's the browser decide what image size makes most sense (considering screen size and pixel density).

Design-Concept: ekesto

Development: ekesto

CMS: Wordpress

Project-Launch: February 2016

MAYs Urban Thai Dine

Thai Restaurant Franchise

A unique urban Thai restaurant, that has well-earned its position among the top 10 of Pattaya's more than 700 restaurants (TripAdvisor ratings).

Besides showing off the beauty of MAYs Thai cuisine, the corporate website also informs visitors about how to become a franchise owner, and quickly guides to the locations of the already opened franchises.

Instead of composing news on two platforms, the website dynamically imports the restaurant's Facebook feed.

Design-Concept: ekesto

Development: ekesto

CMS: Wordpress

Project-Launch: March 2015

Miners Hospitality

one-stop hotel development company

The main goal of the redesign of Miners Hospitality's website was to provide a user-friendly and logical structure with as little text as possible. The responsive single-page layout quickly guides the visitor to the desired information, where content can be made visible interactively.

The news feed is being synchronized with Facebook automatically, and the entire content, including team members and projects, is being authored by the company itself.

Design-Concept: ekesto

Development: ekesto

CMS: Wordpress

Project-Launch: October 2015